Cyber Physical Assembly Line


Cyber Physical Assembly Line demonstrates smart manufacturing and comes with different functionalities. It includes the Custom order processing, valve body, spool, solenoid, connector, valve functioning testing, packaging, inkjet printing. It consists of three work stations and one MPRC.

Workstation 1: It is also known as Raw part storage, part loading and quality check. It uses the Rockwell PLC. It stores Product and do Pick & place arrangement for mounting the product on pallet. 

Workstation 2: It is also known as axisymmetric part storage quality check and inspection work station. It uses B & R PLC. It stores spool and do pick and place arrangement for inserting the spool in valve body. It uses proximity sensor for inventory check.

Workstation 3: It is also known as Prismatic Part Assembly and Screwing Workstation. It uses the Mitsubishi PLC. It stores all prismatic parts. It is used to place and tighten all the parts to valve body.

Multi Process Robotic Cell (MPRC) :Click here to know more.

Conclusion: All the station can run in Auto/Manual Mode. This is how the cyber physical assembly line works. There are features in the line such as smart sensing, Machine to Machine communication, smart dashboard, remote monitoring, alerts and notifications on email, safety, remote maintenance and Augmented Reality.



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