Arun Kumar

With FSM
October 2018 - Present



I am Arun and I am working as an automation engineer in FSM. I did my in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

I have been working under the supervision of Sunil Jha sir for last 5 years. I was working as a Project Assistant (2016-18) in IIT under Jha sir, where I got to learn some new automation technologies like pneumatics, electro pneumatics, PLC programming, HMI designing etc.. All these technologies were just a word for me before I started working on them. It was a time where we had resources and exposure to play with these technologies.

In 2018, I joined FSM and there I learnt how to implement the knowledge, which I had gained so far. It was a new experience but a very exciting one. Before FSM, I used to get some training kits or individual components to play with but in FSM, I got a whole assembly system to test my knowledge and exceed my own expectations. The freedom, which FSM provided me to work, was something that helped me to flourish more in my field. After completing the programming of assembly stations, I got opportunities to learn other technologies. So, this is the place where I kept getting learning new things while working on a specific project. I have been working on the Multi process Robotic cell programming for last 2-3 months and working on the cell itself gives me satisfaction of completion every day as I get to know something new.


FSM has a wonderful team to work with. I remember there were times when we had to complete some project before the deadline (if there is any event or program) and the way this team responded was exceptional. We were staying late and stayed some nights also but it didn’t effected any of us as I working at that time was interesting and we were enjoying working with each other. There was a training program for 5 days in Sonepat. If someone had looked from outside (who was not part of the team), he must have thought that this was a very hectic schedule as we were working continuously in those 5 days. However, for the team it was like a picnic as we enjoyed ourselves working and helping the trainees. We represented FSM in some of the big events like Imtex Bengaluru, IIOT events, Training programs in Sonepat and FSM etc.

One of the biggest achievements in FSM is winning the Best of Nation from India in BRICS Future Skills Challenge 2020 in collaboration with my colleague Ms Preeti Joshi. We worked on Thingworx to design Dashboards that can remotely monitor and control the robots present in Russia!!!

I have been working in FSM for the last 30 months but I still feel the same enthusiasm and excitement when I start doing something new or different. This team has a great mentor in the form Jha sir as he gives freedom and guidance to complete any project. I hope you all find working with FSM exciting and you enjoy working on new technologies.


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