S. Vishnukkumar

With FSM
November 2019 - Present



I am Vishnu and I have did my Bachelor’s Degree on Mechatronics Stream in SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Batch 2015 - 2019. I belong to Chennai. After my graduation, I have did 6 months internship as a junior project assistant under the supervision of Prof. Sunil Jha. Where in, I got an opportunity to work along with Research scholars. My area of interest slowly got into automation field where I did pneumatics & electro pneumatic circuits and PLC programming. During the 6 months of internship, I have learned a lot in the Automation Lab that includes CAD modeling, Panel wiring, CNC Machine coding, and Simulating. I have joined FSM as an Automation Executive Engineer in November, 2019. My area of interest is Automation, IIoT and Product Development.

When I joined FSM, my first project where with the team members of FSM we developed smart trainer kits of various brands including all the features for demonstrating Industry 4.0 technologies. I have created course content for the kits as well. I have slowly started to work on an assembly station in which I have learnt the motion programming using PLC. During the covid times, I have explored the other technologies that falls under the umbrella of smart manufacturing like IIoT, AR and ML. This helped me to understand the ultimate purpose of creating smart machines. I have worked on a smart lathe machine project in which I have programmed the controller using PLC programming. I have then pushed those data and implemented dashboards on both Thingworx platform and MATLAB Web App. I have given guest lecture on Industrial Internet of Things, technological demonstration on MATLAB Factory summit. Training Session on Industrial IOT and Augmented Reality (a DHI Initiative) : Click Here Factory Summit: Click Here


I have worked on the smart inspection station in which the idea formulation for creating the inspection station, selection of sensors and automating the process of quality checking were taken into the consideration. My mentor Mr. Arun Kumar and myself have worked on improving the automation in our Cyber Physical Lab. We have proposed and implemented Autonomy Lab wherein, we can have control of entire lab electrical appliances, machine equipment, etc. using PLC. I enjoy mentoring internship students of category B.Tech, giving training for the professors, industrialists and engineers. I have mentored around 50 students from 2021 on IIoT and AR domains. I have given several trainings on Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing. I have worked in close with the students and published 3 papers on conference. It is available in the springer book titled “Industry 4.0 and Advanced Manufacturing: Proceedings of I-4AM 2022”. Book: Click Here Being part of FSM I have gained confidence on technical aspects by attending several events that took place in and around Delhi. Among which organizing Robocon2022 was close to my heart.


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