Smart Lathe Machine

Smart Lathe Machine project is about retrofitting of Sensors and PLC for Digitizing the Cutting Parameters. Additionally for the monitoring of Power Consumption, the energy meter is in place to find out the power related parameters. The idea is to digitize the data and add operator and machine safety interlocks to avoid accidents in the shop floor. Also, the digitized data will be used in implementing Industrial IoT dashboards for monitoring purposes. The cutting parameters along with energy data is then used for training the machine model to predict the roughness or the remaining useful life of the tool depending on the vibration signals acquired through the vibration sensor. The Augmented Reality experience is created around the machine for giving basic nomenclature of Lathe machine. The animation of each process is also part of the experience.

Application Uses

Augmented Reality for guiding the students learn the different components of the machine
Real-Time Health Monitoring of Assets in Factory
Augmented Reality with guided  exercises for maintenance.
Machine learning for predicting the tool wear.